Lazzarini is an international company specialized in designing, developing, producing and marketing ranges of towel warmers and design radiators. Lazzarini is active in over 20 Countries.

Our wealth of experience and our ability to combine extensive knowledge of production processes with outstanding “Made in Italy” design stem from our company history and our international and multicultural background. This is how we are able to offer high-performance products that are carefully designed down to the smallest detail.
We offer an extensive range of towel warmers and decorative radiators to meet a wide variety of needs. Our offer is constantly evolving in order to address changing market demands with the aim to continuously improve.
Alongside classic lines, we offer designer radiators that perfectly compliment the space in which they are installed. In 2011, we launched WAY, a premium collection of designer radiators by international interior designers.

A 16,800-square-metre production facility and a warehouse in Italy with 25,000 products in stock to ensure that customer needs are met as quickly as possible.
A production capacity of 1,200,000 radiators per year.
4% of turnover invested in R&D.
€500,000 invested in laboratory tests.


A Lazzarini product in every home: "The spirit of a dynamic team committed every day to develop products that combine aesthetics and functionality allowing you to make every single living space furnished with exclusive and accessible radiators"
Luca Lazzarini (MD)


Our mission is to offer the latest designs at affordable prices without compromising on quality.
We are able in this way to create sustainable value for our employees, customers and shareholders respecting ethical principles.
Today, the company represents a wide variety of products.

Thanks to the continuous enrichment of the range, the use of new finishes, and the wide range of sizes, there are thousand different possibilities to use a radiator that fully tailors the heat requirements to our customer's needs”.
Luca Lazzarini (MD)


The Lazzarini Srl head office is located in Conegliano, near Treviso.
Our sales, administration and customer service offices are located in Italy, along with a 2,800-square-metre logistics centre, which stocks more than 25,000 items, allowing us to quickly meet our customers’ requests.

We have production sites in both Turkey and Egypt.
In 2019, we finished building a new production site in Turkey, in the free zone of Izmir. A production facility with cutting-edge technology, a 16,800 square-meter production area, 350 employees and 900,000 radiators produced per year.


In 2011, the company joined GROUPE ATLANTIC, a leading player in Europe in the field of thermal comfort, with headquarters in France and operating in more than 70 countries.
Heating water, air, cooling and air quality. GROUPE ATLANTIC develops and markets energy-efficient thermal comfort solutions, accessible to all and suited to individual needs.
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